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Terms of Service

In accordance with particular Simply Amatsu Ragnarok Online policies, as they are provided on our company website and sub sites, certain penalties are imposed on accounts for violating the Simply Amatsu Ragnarok Online Code of Conduct, and for any of the violations that are listed below. It is the responsibility of every player to be aware of our Company Policies, violations, and penalties as agreed upon in the Simply Amatsu Ragnarok Online End User License Agreement. Claims of ignorance to such information shall not be excused.

Inappropriate Name

Use of names or titles with offensive or inappropriate words, which might directly or indirectly offend other players including character names, pet, guild names, party names, and guild titles.

Skill Abuse

Placing Warp Portal on town respawn point.

Placing Ice Wall at portals.

Spamming skills on town causing others to lag or disrupts and inhibits town talking

Skill Abuse during Guild Siege

Placing Warp Portal at other player or guild warp respawn point attempting to send them somewhere else.

Placing Ice Wall at Guild Castle Entrance.


Aggressive, harassing behavior including derogator and/or hateful comments that are sexual, racist, religious or related to gender or creed.

Real Money Trading

Trading/Selling game items, accounts to Real Money

Selling Products not related to Simply Amatsu game.

Inappropriate Advertising/Pub

Attempt to advertise games or recommend any other Ragnarok Server of any kind withing private message, channel or forum. Quitting Vend/Pub are strictly prohibited.

Game Integrity Infringement

Abuse of in game play or NPC bugs.

Intentional abuse of any and all bugs/glitches to cheat and/or gain an unfair advantage. Bugs/glitches SHOULD be reported immediately to the GM Team.

Account Theft/Fraud

Stealing another personís account, items, etc. (Hacking)

Impersonating a Game Master

Claiming relation to a GM,

Attempting to deceive a GM or Simply Amatsu Personnel

Circulating False Information

Important Reminders regarding Violations and Penalties

  • All penalties listed above are arranged into standards dependent on the general nature of each offense, but are subject to any adjustment as deemed necessary by Simply Amatsu Ragnarok Onlineís sole discretion.
  • All violations are validated through the actual observation of Simply Amatsu Ragnarok Online Game Moderators. Simply Amatsu Ragnarok Online has no obligation of presenting evidence related to any cases it has ruled upon.
  • All penalties listed above can be issued on a per instance basis, resulting in an accumulation of 1st offense penalties or an automatic 3rd offense penalty, depending on the number of violations committed. The choice of recourse in such cases is entirely at the discretion of Simply Amatsu Ragnarok Online.